firm counsel
qualified expertise, unqualified advice

You might think it an obvious question but who, apart from lawyers, is interested in the law? [More…]

Most legal sector marketing output comes in written form. But do clients have the same appetite for words as lawyers? I don’t think so. [More…]

Cognitive overload is a wonderfully pseudo-scientific label for the moment when your eyes glaze over when you are reading or listening, and you stop taking anything in. Screen freeze. System shutdown. Lights on but no one at home. [More…]

The signs are there for anyone who is looking. Invites are up. Acceptances are down. No-shows are in the majority; while the do-shows spend the whole time on their Blackberrys and iPhones. [More…]

We love the idea that others see us in the LA Law mould of lawyers: attractive, socially competent, eloquent, with great teeth, sharp suits and altogether enviable lives. But isn’t the truth a little different? [More…]

What lies at the heart of the lawyer-client relationship? It’s a relationship, of course. Instead of trying to demonstrate your expertise, why not concentrate on showing your ease-of-use. [More…]

Goals and objectives are meaningless without a plan setting out how you intend to achieve them. Whist it is undeniably true that not all plans succeed, they can at least provide a framework for delivery of planned activity. [More…]

How about trying to describe the perfect lawyer? Let’s throw some adjectives at the wall and see which ones stick. [More…]

Building a reputation is a long-term challenge. So how do you become known as a leader in your field? [More…]

Nominalisation is just grandiloquence for the utilisation of abstract nouns instead of verbs. The result is a kind of killer creeper that wraps itself around sentences and sucks the life out of them. [More…]

Firm Counsel is run by Sandy Henderson, a London-based marketing consultant, with 25 years’ experience of the legal sector – first as a partner in a City law firm and now as a senior business consultant. [More…]

When you’re looking for a good way to start an article or draw attention to a page, you can’t beat a good quote. [More…]